MATEC FUV800 I FUV800 B - 5-Axis Gantry Machining Centre

Performance class HSK63 I HSK100

The model FUV800 I FUV800 B has been designed for
an elaborate production of intricate parts and shapes
in 5 axes. The gantry design provides for a high rigidity
and concentration of accelerated mass resulting in an
excellent dynamic conception.

The machine base consists of tightly ribbed cast.
Prior to mechanical processing, the whole column
structure is being stress-relieved.

The whole structure stands out by its high thermostability
allowing precise simultaneous 5-axis machining
of workpieces.

The swivel bridge incorporated into the side walls
and the perfectly integrated axis rotation points of the
table allow machining of workpieces up to a total
weight of 1,200 kg.

The machine table has a diametre of 800 mm, allowing
to process workpieces with a max. diametre of
900 mm and a height of 550 mm.

The rotation axis allows a full 360° turn. The swivel
axis has a swivel range of +120° I -120°. All axes are
equipped with direct path measuring systems.

Loading of workpieces can be done in a highly efficient
way due to the max. distance of 720 mm between door
edge and centre of the machine table.

The machine can be equipped with max. 120 tools in
HSK63 I SK40 and 60 tools in HSK100 I SK50. The
standard version is equipped with 32 tools each.

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