MATEC FUV620 I FUV720 - 5-Axis Universal Machining Centres

Performance class HSK63

The new 5-axis machining centres MATEC
FUV 620 I 720 have been designed to produce intricate
parts and shapes in 5 axes. The machine design provides
for a high rigidity and concentration of accelerated
mass resulting in an excellent dynamic conception.
AC motors being state-of-the-art in high-dynamic
machine tool building are incorporated into the rotation
and swivel axes.

The machine base consists of tightly ribbed „Meehanite“
cast iron. The whole structure stands out by its high
thermostability allowing dynamic loading of the machine
and guaranteeing low vibration run, optimum accessibility
with a big working area and compact floor space

Based on the machine design simultaneous 5-axis
machining of workpieces as well as 5-sided machining
are possible when using the integrated hydraulic axial
brakes (axis clamping momentums up to 4,410 Nm).
The diametres of the face plates of the work tables are
Ø 650 mm resp. Ø 720 x 540 mm. The swivel bridge,
incorporated into the counterbearing, and the perfectly
integrated axis rotation points of the table, allow
machining of workpieces up to a total weight of 500 kg.

The rotation axis allows a full 360° turn. The swivel
axis allows machining of intricate parts as the table can
swivel up to -50° | +110°. Directly connected rotation
encoders provide for a maximum contour accuracy.


The way towards a successful future

Workpiece Automation
High-flexibility automation solutions.
6-axis robots with automatic gripper change open up
entirely new process cycles for automated workpiece
handling. Easy implementation of secondary and
additional processes.
Design based on workpiece size and weight as well as
storage capacity.

Pallet Changer with Round Storage Unit
(Example: customized solution)

  • Space-saving round pallet storage unit with 6 storage places
  • Pallet size 400 x 400 mm
  • MATEC FUV620 machining centre with CNC rotary turntable Ø 650 mm
  • 5-sided machining with a total of 236 tool pockets
  • Rotary table with fixture quick-change system
  • Rotary distributor for media transfer
  • Automation module

High Flexibility
A zero-point clamping system is used as the basic pallet
clamping system on the rotary table. Quick change from
automated to manual production thus making the entire
work area available.

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