MATEC FUV170T I FUV190T - Travelling Column 5-Axis Machining Centres

Performance class HSK63

The FUV170T I 190T is a low-cost starter machine
which allows 5-axis, pendulum and long bed machining.

The machine base consists of tightly ribbed cast iron.
The whole structure stands out by its high thermostability
allowing dynamic loading of the machine and
guaranteeing low vibration run, optimum accessibility
with a big working area and compact floor space

Based on the machine design simultaneous 5-axis
machining of workpieces as well as 3-axis machining
of long components are possible. The face plate of
the swivel turntable has a diametre of Ø 650 mm
and the rigid machine table has a clamping surface
of 700 x 500 mm resp. 900 x 500 mm.

The swivel bridge incorporated into the counterbearing
allows machining of workpieces up to a total weight
of 300 kg. A weight of 1,200 resp. 1,600 kg can be
clamped on the rigid table.

The rotation axis allows a full 360° turn. The swivel
axis allows machining of intricate parts as the table
can swivel up to -50° | +110°. Glass scales and direct
rotation encoders in all axes provide for a maximum

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