Workpiece automation - High-flexibility automation solutions

Performance class HSK63 | HSK100

Automation solution that combines minimum footprint with maximum storage capacity
Optimum adaptation to the available floor space for production


Simple operation
High flexibility
Small footprint


  • X-axis: 1.300 to 8.000 mm
  • Y-axis: 600 to 1,630 mm
  • Z-axis: 800 to 1,850 mm
  • Built-in rotary table Ø 630 to 2,200 mm
  • 1-axis swivel head (infinitely variable)
  • Speeds up to 42,000 1/min
  • Motor spindle up to 92 kW
  • Torque up to 690 Nm
  • Tool capacity 48 or 268 tools with add-on magazine
  • Fully enclosed work area; prepared for mist collection
  • 6-axis robot, size based on the required payload or workpiece weight
  • High rack with workpiece drawers, individually adjustable to the specific workpiece height
  • Alignment stations for different workpieces

Customized solution. - 5-axis series production of turbine blades

Our standard series – with intelligent automation
MATEC 30SHV | 30S | 30SD
with swivel table
The ideal combination of high-productivity series machines and effi cient automation


  • Swivel table
  • Swivel head ± 105°
  • X-/Y-/Z-axis 2000/600/800 mm

Multi-sided or end machining on long workpieces with
a length of up to 800 mm

Automation sample: MATEC 30SHV
Plant interlinked in a line with upstream and downstream
process steps.
3-sided machining of profiles. MATEC manufacturing
cell with loading and unloading during machining
Additional processes: deburring, washing and drying
at the loading station.


  • 6-axis robot
  • 2 x drawer-type magazine with six drawers
  • Drawers can be loaded externally
  • Alignment and positioning station

View or the work areas with the safety partition wall
at the centre of the swivel table open. 6-axis robot in
unloading position.

Two workpieces clamped in each work area. Machining
of both ends by means of swivel head.