Multi-flexible solutions - Our modular series – with intelligent automation

Performance class HSK63 | HSK100

Automation cell (customer solution)

  • Pallet rack
  • Pallet set-up station
  • Workpiece storage unit
  • Tool magazine
  • 6-axis robot with gripper change
  • Workpiece automation
  • Pallet automation
  • Tool management



Rotary table and fixed machine table with zero-point
clamping system with uniform grid for the storage of
uniform pallets, both on the rotary table and on the machine table.


Multi-flexible solutions
The flexible kind of automation

Gantry loaders and linear systems are high-efficiency automation systems for series production. Gantry systems are intended to unite all the process and manufacturing technologies of a product in one synchronised production line, from machine to machine. In the broadest sense, this encompasses all process steps – from the blank up to packaging.

The automation requirements are as individual as the type of the products to be manufactured. Production concepts range from individual machines up to fully automated production lines. So a vast range of suitable technical modules and automation components must be provided. 

Product-specific aspects such as workpiece dimensions, workpiece weight, machining sequence and manufacturing technology determine the production concept to be used. Integrated additional equipment for quality assurance as well have an impact on the concept.

Against this backdrop, our automation systems are designed based on the philosophy of perfect planning down to the last detail. Our solutions range from small manufacturing cells up to tailor-made systems. As far as complex loading systems such as gantry solutions combined with multi-axis robots, conveyor belts, high-bay racks or measuring stations, etc. are concerned, we collaborate with leading manufacturers and incorporate their components in the overall concept.

It is for you to choose the desired degree of automation for your production. We will implement your planning for you to achieve an economic and efficient production.