Gantry Machines
Gantry machines, which touch engineers' hearts

Excellent large part production

The design of the gantry machines is focused on achieving a small
footprint, high stability and the maximum possible performance.
One of the most important elements for stability and precision is the
special design of the gantry beam with its disproportionately large
cross-section. The unique stiffness of the machine ensures maximum
contour fidelity and surface quality on the workpiece. 3D molds, large-
scale and high-volume parts can be machined with appropriate process
optimization so as to save both time and money. The applications of
these extraordinary gantries  is not only tool and mold making, but also
large-scale production. For all types of materials, a multitude of main
spindles with appropriate power and speed is available.

For specific applications e.g. machining in the interior of housings,
different replaceable heads are available. Extended milling spindles,
special angular heads or multi-spindle heads can be loaded automatically
during production on a pick-up stations. The MATEC portal series is
offered in two performance classes and two types. According to the
performance requirements, tool systems with SK40|HSK-A 63 or
SK50|HSK-A 100 are available. As a design, on the one hand, the
ergonomic table version for the machine operator and, on the other hand,
for the large part production, a floor-running version with a machine table
on the floor level is offered.

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