Swivel bridge machines -

Machine design (Fig. above)

  • Machine with asymmetrical work area
  • Swivel bridge 5,000 mm and 3,000 mm
  • Pendulum operation
  • Long bed swivel bridge operation 8,000 mm

Pioneering production concept
Optionally applicable for all MATEC long bed machines.
With individually configurable swivel bridges, a universal
production solution is created that is precisely tailored
to the user and offers the highest savings potential

Possible applications:

  • Bending and folding tools
  • Industrial knives
  • Foil tools
  • Profiles etc.

Swivel bridges

  • One- to four-sided
  • Width and swivel circle depending on Y- and Z-axis
  • Table widths up to 1,600 mm
  • Special solutions can be made available on request