Flexible set-up and clamping systems - Our strength

For both performance classes

Multi-side machining

  • Rotary table and counter bearing, positionable via CNC axis
  • Quick-change system with rotary feed-through
  • Control of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics and vacuum
  • Swivel bridges and fixtures, also for direct clamping of
    workpieces in different lengths

Maximum flexibility

  • Machine table and CNC rotary table with integrated
    zero-point clamping systems. Perfect fixture and
    workpiece clamping in different applications
  • The make of the zero point clamping system and the
    arrangement of the clamping elements (grid) are
    freely selectable

Clamping systems for large workpieces

  • Magnetic or vacuum clamping
  • Movable suction unit
  • Complete solutions from one source

Mill turn centre: Variants and combinations

  • Motor spindle with integrated clamping
  • Additional tool holder for heavily interrupted cuts
    during turning
  • One or two rotary tables for pendulum machining
  • Rotary tables integrated in the machine table or
  • Rotary tables with direct drive up to 1,000 1/min.
  • Faceplates from Ø 630 to 3,000 mm
  • Rotary spindles up to 6,000 1/min.
  • Option "grinding" possible
  • Production of various gearings
  • Gear hobbing, straight or helical, including shifting
  • Skiving, internal and external
  • Gear cutting, internal and external