MATEC 30SHV - Loading and unloading during machining

Machining centre with swivel head and swivel table

Pallet change in approx. 4 seconds

Moving column machining centre with swivel head,
designed for medium and large series production.
The basic machine is the MATEC 30HV with an X-travel
of 2,000 mm. 

In conjunction with the swivel head, long workpieces
can also be machined at both ends. Additional machining units,
oversized tools and special equipment can also be set up
economically via pick-up stations. Rotary distributors for
clamping hydraulics, pneumatics or vacuum integrated in
the swivel table enable complex fixtures with different
clamping sequences. 

Illustration of the two work areas with open safety partition wall

Swivel table 0-180° in pendulum movement

Infi nitely variable swivel head for multi-sided or end machining

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