Automation solutions - The ideal combination of high-productivity series machines and effi cient automation

30SHV | 30S | 30SD


The machines of the MATEC swivel table series solely
consist of the modules of our sturdy long-bed machine
series. In series production, they are therefore preferentially
used where high cutting capacity is required and
for the end machining of long components.

The machine is offered in three basic versions:

  • MATEC 30SHV with swivel head
  • MATEC 30S Single-spindle version with fixed head
  • MATEC 30SD Double-spindle version with fixed head

For all machine versions, the production principle of
the MATEC swivel table series is based on a 0–180°
pendulum swivel table with two separate work areas.
The work area is changed by a 180° rotation of the
swivel table.

A lifting door with safety glass separates the machining
areas. This design enables loading and unloading to take
place during machining while the machine is producing
in the other machine area.

For multi-sided machining, numerous standard rotary
tables in single- or two-axis versions as well as special
fixture bridges, even with multiple clamping, are available.

For automation, usually fast robot systems are used.
If required, theses systems can also take on auxiliary
and additional tasks such as brushing, deburring,
washing and marking in a cost-effective manner. Automation
principle optionally with pallet or workpiece
handling – or both.

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  • Swivel table
  • Swivel head ± 105°
  • X-/Y-/Z-axis 2,000/600/800 mm

Multi-sided or end machining on long workpieces with a
length of up to 800 mm

Automation sample: MATEC 30SHV
Plant interlinked in a line with upstream and downstream
process steps.
3-sided machining of profiles. MATEC manufacturing
cell with loading and unloading during machining
Additional processes: deburring, washing and drying at
the loading station.


  • 6-axis robot
  • 2 x drawer-type magazine with six drawers
  • Drawers can be loaded externally
  • Alignment and positioning station

The arrangement of the robot in front of the machine
guarantees free access to the loading station even for
set-up and manual loading.

View or the work areas with the safety partition wall
at the centre of the swivel table open. 6-axis robot in
unloading position.

Two workpieces clamped in each work area. Machining
of both ends by means of swivel head.