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Excellent large part production

The gantry machining center MATEC 30PB is a floor-running variant of
the MATEC 30P. The machine is equipped with a 2-axis swivel head
with taper SK 40/ HSK-A 63. The highperformance motor spindle with
30 kW and constant speed 9,000-42,000 rpm provides for the optimal
chipping of all materials in its class.

The floor-running gantry and a flush embedded machine table ensure
easy loading by lift trucks and cranes, and permit the machining of
heavy parts. All sides of the mounting table are easily accessible.
The matec--30 PB is optionally available as matec-30 PBU, equipped
with a universal milling head. This universal milling head increases the
working area in Z by 250 mm and allows a 360° all-over machining of parts.


  • Performance Class SK40|HSK-A 63
  • X-Axis = 3,000-50,000 mm
  • Y-Axis = 3,800-5,800 mm
  • Z-Axis = 1,500|1,800 mm
  • Speed Range: 9.000-42.000 rpm
  • Drive Power Motor Spindle: max. 30 kW
  • Torque max. 191 Nm

  • Compact gantry center with minimum floor space in relation to the available
    working space dimension
  • Stagnant machine table on hall floor level and moving gantry enable highest
    workpiece weights. All axis movements are made by the machining tool
    executed. Different workpiece weights have no influence on machine
    dynamics and precision
  • The dynamic 2-axis fork head ensures strong construction at maximum feed
    force and at the same time guarantees the expected surface qualities on the
    workpiece. Both heads have direct measuring systems and selectable clamping.
  • A special feature of all MATEC gantry machines is the enormous rigidity of the
    individual axes. Specifically, the design and stability of the Y and Z axis are
    essential for precision and surface quality on the workpiece. The special
    dimensioning of the gantry beam prevents the gantry beam torsion that other-
    wise occurs on comparable gantry machines when the Z-axis is fully extended.
    The Z-axis is designed as a carriage.
  • Due to the constant distance between carriage guide and spindle nose in
  • contrast to the RAM construction, there is no movement-dependent
    deformations of the Z axis. This construction is the guarantor of aligned bores
    and free milling surfaces on the workpiece.
  • Traveling tool magazines in the X-axis enable short tool changing times.

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